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McDonald’s didn’t sell zillions of burgers simply because the company created its memorable golden arches logo. Business branding goes much deeper than creating iconic logos that leave long lasting impressions on customers. However, cash registers do see much more action due to the presence of a strong branding strategy. The benefits of building a captivating brand explain why cash registers churn at a breakneck pace.

Business Recognition and Brand Identity

In its most simplistic form, company branding leaves an indelible impression in the minds of consumers. Think of the searing brand that cattle ranchers use to identify members of their roaming herds. No, brand strategy doesn’t involve hot iron, but it does involve establishing consumer recognition of your small business.

Brand recognition comes in several forms, with online exposure rapidly moving to the top of the list of most effective ways to leave long lasting consumer impressions.

The 80/20 Rule

Eighty percent of your sales come from 20% of your customers. The 80/20 rule might not be accurate mathematically, but the rule emphasizes the importance of establishing a growing regular customer base. Consumers typically prefer to shop where they feel most comfortable and that means shopping at businesses that have established highly effective branding programs.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of business branding is developing the type of customer loyalty that leads to a growing base of loyal, lifelong patrons of your small business.

Establishing an Image of High Quality

When Samsung introduces a new smartphone, the company leverages its reputation of offering the highest quality electronic devices. The smartphones glisten on the television screen, which bolsters the leading electronics manufacturer’s image as a company that produces the most advanced products. Successful business branding establishes an image of high quality in the minds of consumers, which creates incentives for consumers to return to the same small businesses for the purchase of additional products and services.

Employee loyalty leads to dedicated, long tenured team members that allow you to focus more time on promoting your products and services, and spend less time recruiting new members of your small business team. Loyal employees also recruit talented friends and family members to help grow your small business.

Name Your Price

Did you know that a strong brand is worth something? It’s not some arcane accounting gimmick, such as “Goodwill.” A strong brand actually allows small business owners to charge more for products and services.

Large multinational corporations that include Microsoft and General Motors have leveraged their strong brands for years to increase prices. Small businesses that create long lasting consumer impressions can also benefit from branding by raising prices on some, if not all, of their services and products.

In Branding We Trust

Getting back do customer loyalty:  How does branding attract customers to frequent your small business repeatedly? The answer lies in the often misused word “Trust.”

Whether it’s your small business logo or the smiles on the faces of your sales team that creates trust, you need a strong brand to make your small business credible in the eyes of the people that purchase your products and services. Whenever consumers see the iconic Apple logo flash on a television or computer monitor screen, they instantly trust Apple to offer a new high performance electronic device.

Yes, the ultimate benefit of leaving a lasting impression on your customers shows up on your monthly income statements. However, to increase your small business sales, you need to reap the underlying benefits of building a captivating brand.


This post is an excerpt from “Business Branding: Expert Marketing Techniques For Building A Captivating Brand, Attracting Customers and Reinventing Your Image In The Digital Age,” which is available on Amazon here

Barry Falls Jr
Barry is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he studied sociology, journalism, and business entrepreneurship. He has over five years of experience working with small web-based startups to assist them with growing their engagement and creating online communities around their brand. He's the editor of Frontier Desk.

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